A whole new world of light

The project brief and our approach

Our partners at Cree Lighting tapped us to introduce a bold new product with a video that gave us the chance to combine creative 3D animated environments with live action video to deliver an experience as immersive as the product itself. Oh yeah, and it let us show off some of the cool tricks up our sleeves. #DoAkickflip


  • New Hope Church, Durham, NC


  • RED Scarlet W
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Cinema 4D


  • Concepting: ThreePost
  • Storyboard Creation: ThreePost
  • 3D Animation: Jesse Stormer
  • Music Composing: Joe Basile
  • Script Writing: Andrea Taber, Sam Mazany
  • Creative Director: Michael Fortson
  • Director of Photography: Michael Fortson
  • 2nd Camera Operator: Trevor Jackson
  • Gaffer: Brian De Contreras
  • Grip: Ethan Messina
  • Audio Engineer: Jeremy Childers
  • Make-Up Artist: Robbie Forrest
  • Wardrobe: Robbie Forrest
  • Talent: Adam Brundnicki


  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Concept Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Shoot Prep
  • Video Production
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Asset Creation
  • 3D Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Set Design

None of this is real…

Well, the actor is real. His name’s Adam. The rest of the video is full 3D animation. Cree Lighting, one of our favorite corporate tech clients, wanted to introduce their latest product, the Cadiant Dynamic Skylight, to the market in an innovative way. A special light fixture capable of emulating the natural light of the sun,a product this groundbreaking commanded an attention-grabbing video concept that really showcased this product’s capabilities to both the sales force and prospective customers.

We worked closely with Cree Lighting to create everything behind the play button -- from defining a concept that reflected Cree Lighting’s integrated marketing strategy, to the script writing, storyboarding, motion design and video editing. We wanted to simulate the idea that no matter where you are inside, with this latest product you can always bring the outdoors in.

To bring this concept from the page to the screen, we wanted our actor to move seamlessly through different indoor and outdoor environments. How’d we do this? We set up shop in a small Durham, North Carolina sound stage with a local crew and leveraged our agency’s core competencies—2D and 3D animation and live action video, all under the direction of our in-house creative team. PS: that’s even an original score you’re listening to.

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